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Rental Systems 

We have several audio systems available.  From a small but powerful rechargeable system, to a 1000 watt, fully bi-amped system with 18" subs, floor monitors and a 12 channel mixer for larger venues.
  • Includes color coded cables and connection diagrams for easy setup.  We will have you on the air in no time!
  • Need bigger speakers or more mics? Ask about our $1 upgrades.
  • Special weekend rates - Pay for 2 days, get the third day free!
  • Delivery and setup are also available, call for details.

System 1 ($49/day)

No outlet? No Problem!  Rechargeable 30 Watt RMS, 3 channel Mixer/Amp, with I-Pod dock.

Runs for 6 hours on a full charge (or can be plugged in for all day use.) For use where 120VAC power is not available. (Beach, Back yard, Camping, etc.)

Includes Microphone and cables for Guitar, Laptop, and CD player.

Comes fully charged and ready to rock and roll!

System 2 ($69/day)

6 Channel, 100 watt RMS boxtop mixer with built in effects, USB thumb drive reader and MP3 player. 

2-10" 2 way, 200 Watt, speakers with cables, stands and carry bags.

2 microphones with stands, cables and carry bags.

Interconnect cables for I-pod, Microphone, Guitar, Laptop, and DVD player, are included.

System 3 ($79/day)

Mixer/amp combo with AM/FM tuner, 200 watt RMS output, dual mic inputs with reverb, CD and IPOD inputs.

2-15" subs, 2-10" satellites with mounting poles, cables and carry bag.

2 microphones with cables, stands and carry bags. 

System 4 ($99/day)

Mixer/amp combo with AM/FM tuner, 300 watt RMS output, dual mic inputs with reverb, CD and IPOD inputs.

2-18" subs, 2-12" satellites with mounting poles, cables and carry bag.

2 microphones with stands, cables, and carry bags.

5 disc C/D changer with cables.

System 5 ($129/day)

8x2 channel mixer

500 Watt RMS stereo amp

2-500 Watt, 45" DJ speakers with dual 15" woofers, 2-50' cables 

Add 2-15" 2 way speakers for only $20 more! 

3-Shure SM58 microphones, stands, 15' cables and carry bags

5 disc C/D changer with cables

IPOD/Laptop input cables are included

System 6 ($199/day)

12x2 channel studio quality mixer

100' 16x4 channel audio snake

Behringer INUKE amp, PV2600 amp and electronic crossover for a fully bi-amped system

2-18" subs , 2-12" satellites with mounting poles, 50' cables and carry bags, 2-5 way tweeter arrays, 2-10" floor monitors

5 disc C/D changer with interconnect cables

4-SM58 and 2-SM57 microphones with stands and 15' cables


Don't see what you need? Call us at (845) 332-7420, tell us what you need, and we will build a system for you!

Like the way your rental system sounds? You can own it for less that you think! Call for a quote.