About Us

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'In The Beginning'

  Back in the 1980's, we helped out with the "A/V duties" in a local church in the Kingston area.  After becoming familiar with the equipment, we started to making some minor changes to the system. As time went on, we made several upgrades to the system. After some positive comments and requests from the congregation, we set out to to design a new system for the church, based on acoustic studies of the sanctuary and the needs of the church.

  With the OK from the church, we purchased the new equipment. A "hand made" 18 channel audio snake was installed to the new sound room, located in the rear of the sanctuary and the new equipment was connected. Following a little fine tuning, we were up and running, with the new capability of recording the service and playing tracks for special music.

  As word spread, we were asked to help other churches in the area "tune up" their sound systems and record their services. As the work load increased, we enlisted the help of other family members who have keen ears for music and acoustics. As the work load increased, "Davisound" was established to provide a central contact point for our customers and friends.


Where we are going

After many successful upgrades and installations in the Hudson Valley, we have dedicated ourselves to helping churches and schools install new systems and upgrade old systems, regardless of their budget. We offer low cost options, multi-stage installations, and understand the importance of spending money wisely. 

 Our hours are extremely flexible, many times working weekends and into the early hours of the morning. We have found that many A/V companies only work 9-5, (while the systems are in use) and are not available Saturdays and evenings. We understand the need for church systems to be up and running every week and school systems to ready when the bell rings.

Our Goals:

  • Provide free system checkups and estimates.
  • Upgrade your exsisting system without disrupting the use of it.
  • Install a new system without interfering with your day to day operation.
  • Provide cost effective solutions to work within your budget.
  • Work within your schedule.
  • Provide quality equipment with a lifetime installation warranty.
  • Offer video projection systems to meet all budgets.
  • Offer affordable rental systems with easy setup and free delivery (in Ulster County).